4D Scale

The answer to all your measuring needs

Seamlessly measure a wide variety of package sizes and dimensions in a matter of seconds.

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Laser-sharp precision

Intelligent laser sensors working on three axes using 20 measurements per second.

Instant 4-dimensional analysis

Measure package weight and dimensions in seconds.

Built-in screen and app

Operate directly from 4D Scale’s handy onboard touch screen that can even be used with gloves.


Scan for devices nearby and choose from a list of unassigned 4D Scale devices.

Remote control

Access your scales remotely from any device using the 4D Scale app or your browser.

Send and receive measurements

Share a snapshot of your package’s weight and dimensions via a link or a QR code.

Dimensional weight calculator

Measure the volumetric weight of boxes and get better estimates of your shipping fees when using all major couriers.

Chrome extension

Populate the weight and dimensions from your 4D Scale on any website and get your shipment ready in seconds.

Switch between units

Choose your preferred units of measurement straight from the onboard touch screen.