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Sellercloud's 4D Scale is a smart scale that automatically captures the weight and dimensions of the scale's contents. With 4DEEM's patented technology, your 4D Scale can instantly send the weight and dimensions to your system of choice, through the open API or chrome extension.

4D Scale can easily work with imperial measurements as well as metric systems. Readings can easily be rounded, dimensional weight can automatically be calculated, and integrations can be set up in minutes. With a 4D Scale, your team will eliminate all related data entry and the errors that come with it.

The 4D Scale was created based on feedback from our clients and serves as a testament to our commitment to providing practical solutions to the challenges faced by online businesses. With the ability to be utilized for both receiving and shipping, 4D Scale gives businesses the ability to save item and case weight and dimensions when inventory comes into the warehouse, allowing every square inch to be planned and utilized like never before. Utilizing the 4D Scale for your shipping needs allows your business to cut the amount of time it takes to ship an order by up to 87% and eliminate data entry errors completely.
We realized that existing products in the market were difficult to connect and often too expensive for small businesses; hence, we embarked on a mission to create an innovative solution that is not only easy to use but also seamlessly integrates into the workflow of businesses of all sizes.

Our journey into hardware development began with the successful Skublox project, laying the foundation for the groundbreaking 4DEEM series. Since its inception, Skublox has helped hundreds of businesses completely eliminate sorting and fulfillment errors and the costs associated with it. With 4D Scale, we aim to eliminate the errors and time consuming manual work of the next stage of the order lifecycle - shipping.